Application of 30-2000 Gram Granule Packing Machine


 30-2000 gram granule packing machine is a granule weighing packing machine. It is composed of a hopper, an electromagnetic vibrating feeder, a weighing hopper, a receiving port, and a Chinese and English liquid crystal PLC operating system. The granular material falls from the silo to the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. When the weight to be packaged is set, the electromagnetic vibrating feeder will transport the material to the weighing hopper, weigh it to the set packing specification, and the PLC will automatically control it. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder stops conveying.

At this time, the packaging bag is placed at the receiving port, and the photoelectric signal is transmitted to the PLC. The weighing hopper is opened by the PLC, and the material falls into the packaging bag. The granule packing machine can be divided into two weighing bucket granule packing machines according to the number of weighing hoppers, the speed can reach ≤25 packs/min; the four scale granule packing machine can reach ≤45 packs/min, six scales granule packaging Machine, speed can reach ≤65 bags / minute. 30-2000 grams granule packing machine can be divided into: according to the use of the industry: melon packaging machine, chicken packaging machine, MSG packaging machine, salt packaging machine, white sugar packaging machine, peanut packaging machine Condiment packaging machine
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