Vacuum Sealing Machine

Vacuum Sealing Machine

Packaging speed: 400-800 boxes / hour (double box, adjustable)
Packing specification:420x300x200 (single box maximum)
Type: square box , box vacuum sealing machine

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Vacuum Sealing Machine Description
The machine is suitable for sealing and trimming of a variety of boxes, such as sealed packaging and vacuum packaging of tofu, lunchboxes and other foods or similar products, beautiful appearance and strong sense of three-dimensional. This machine is novel in design, structure simple and reasonable, easy to operate, the packaging effect is more ideal, the external material is stainless steel and aluminum alloy, in line with health requirements, especially for small and medium enterprises choose to use.
Technical Parameters:

Working voltage

AC220V / 50HZ

Working gas source


Packaging speed

400-800 boxes / hour (double box, adjustable)

Packaging specifications

420x300x200 (single box maximum)


1400 * 1150 * 1690MM



 vacuum filling sealing machine

vacuum filling sealing machine

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HENAN UNIQUE packaging machinery is produced by strict production control. The machine is of high quality. The after-sales service is first class and we will provide all-round tracking service.
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